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9:45 a.m. Sessions

Standard 5: Provider Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Capacity in Initial and Advanced-Level Programs
Emerson Elliott & Gina Burkhardt

CAEP Accreditation in Fall 2019 and Beyond Tatiana Rivadeneyra

CAEP Orientation: Newcomers
Richard Rice
Transforming Teaching and Learning: Teacher Leadership Institute
Blake West
A Deeper Dive: Building Rubrics that Align and Inform
Terri Swim, Luke Rodesiler & Isabel Nunez
11:30 a.m. Sessions
Standard 4: Program Impact
Jennifer Carinci & Emerson Elliott

Creating Data and Assessment Literate Teachers
Kathryn newman, Elaine S. Foster & Loretta W. Jaggers

Assessing Globally-Competent Teaching Using the INTASC Framework to Address CAEP Standard 1.1

Worksheet, Handout

Sharon Brennan, Heather MacCleoud & Donna Brockman

Specialized Professional Association - CEC

Kathelene Shank & Jennifer Bullock
Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - NCSS
Brandie Benton
2:00 p.m. Sessions
Standard 1: Content and Pedagogical Knowledge in Initial-Licensure Programs
Tatiana Rivadeneyra & Banhi Bhattacharya

Preparing for Your Site Visit
Cole Bowers

Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - SHAPE America
Tabatha Uhrich & Irene Cucina

Improving the Practices of Teacher Candidates and Teacher Educators Through the Use of Video-Case Analysis
Lisa Barron

Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - NASP
Eric Robinson
Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - ELCC
Joan Auchter
3:15 p.m. Session

Standard 2: Clinical Partnerships and Practice
Tatiana Rivadeneyra

Program Review as Part of the CAEP Accreditation Process
Banhi Bhattacharya
Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - TESOL
Anita Bright

Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - ISTE
Chris Johnson
Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - NCTM
Irma Cruz-White
  Preparing Candidate for Student Teaching by Collaborating with Clinical Faculty
Dustin Hebert
4:30 p.m. Sessions
  Standard 3: Candidate Quality, Recuritment, and Selectivity
Tatiana Rivadeneyra
  Putting it All Together: SEED Partnership Research  Jennifer Carinci & Lewis McIlwain

Specialized Professional Association (SPA) - NSTA 

Michael Días
  Minding the Gap: Using Curriculum-Based measurement to Target Pre-Service Teacher Content Knowledge
Christine Ralston, Heather D. Kindall & Tracey Crowe
  The CAEP Experience: A Panel Discussion Richard Rice
  Specialized Professions Association (SPA) - NAEYC
Pam Ehrenberg
8:30 a.m. Sessions    
  Standard 1: Content and Pedagogical Knowledge in Advanced- Level Programs
Tatiana Rivadeneyra & Banhi Bhattacharya
  The CAEP Experience: A Panel Discussion  Richard Rice
  Volunteering at CAEP
Cole Bowers & Jessica Menjivar
  Taming the Tiger: Developing a Valid and Reliable Assessment System in Partnership with Faculty  Laura Hart & Teresa Petty
  It Started with a Question: A Year-Long Inquiry Group Process with Faculty and Administration
Amy Kline, Wendi Williams & Grechen Adams
9:45 a.m. Sessions 
  The CAEP Accreditation Council
Bradley Duncan
  Rethinking the Intern Evaluation to Better Predict Impact: One Institution's Selected Improvement Plan 
Elayne Colón & Tom Dana
  CAEP's Family Engagement Mini Course
Jennifer Carinci
  Standard 3: Candidate Selectivity & Professional Introduction Videos
Elodie Jones & Paul Nienkamp 
  Understanding CAEP Accreditation Costs
Keisha Walker
11:00 a.m. Sessions
  Tracking Program Completers with Current Students: How to Get a 90% Response Rate Jon Eckert & Paul Egeland

SPA Success Stories

Presentation 1, Presentation 2Presentation 3

Sabata Morris
Kathy Angeletti
Dawn R. Johnson-Tate

  The State of State Policies for Principal and Superintendent Licensure and Preparation
Amy Reynolds & Michelle D. Young
  Measuring Candidates' Dispositions Via Online Group Interviews: A Pilot Study of the DAP Interview in the Online Environment

Sally Ingles Tony Hembrock & Reuben Rubio
Connie Lorthridge & Ashley Norris

  Developing a Quality Assurance System Plan with the Teacher Work Sample as the Linchpin
Tony Norman & Tony Kirchner