Description: Do you have an EPP-created assessment? This workshop is your chance to fully revise it to meet CAEP's sufficient level for instruments and data. Bring one of your EPP-created assessments to work in assessment-alike small groups with a trained CAEP Assessment Reviewer. Your assessment for revision can be any ONE of the following types:

  • Student Teaching Observation Rubric
  • Portfolio Rubric
  • Employer Survey
  • Completer Survey
  • Unit plan Assessment
  • Lesson Plan Assessment
  • Dispositions Assessment

Goal: The goal of the workshop is to provide EPPs with a hands-on opportunity to improve the quality of an EPP-created assessment under the guidance of trained CAEP reviewers.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the criteria of the CAEP Assessment Evaluation Tool as it applies to their current assessment(s).
  2. Apply the criteria of the CAEP Assessment Evaluation Tool and a description of common rubric weaknesses to a self-critique of their current assessment(s).
  3. Develop a list of needed revisions to improve the quality of their current assessment(s).
  4. Revise one assessment to meet the CAEP sufficient level.
  5. Generate a list of next steps for further revisions and/or EPP discussion and planning.

How will this workshop differ from the Early Assessment Review process?

  1. Interaction is key. CAEP assessment reviewers will be on hand to answer specific questions.
  2. Real-time feedback and examples will be provided using the CAEP Early Assessment Evaluation Tool.
  3. Opportunity to work together with other EPPs addressing similar instruments and to learn from each other.
  4. Time line of 3 years "out" is not in play. EPPs close to a site visit or years ahead of one can be present.
  5. Specific examples of rubric weaknesses will be categorized, described, and remediated.
  6. A culture of continuous improvement will be developed, avoiding a do-this-for-CAEP mentality resulting from a review report.