Description: Participants preparing for an upcoming CAEP site visit will learn content-specific steps to prepare and submit a self-study report (SSR) that address the CAEP Standards while meeting the formatting requirements for the Inquiry Brief (IB) Pathway. CAEP staff will lead this workshop.

Goal: To provide participants with a process for gathering and organizing evidence to make a case that initial and/or advanced educator preparation programs meet the CAEP Standards through a supporting narrative in the SSR, which forms the basis of the accreditation review.


  1. Participants will learn to review | Understand (and study) the CAEP Standards, accreditation process, and responsibilities 
  2. Participants will learn to inventory evidence | Develop an inventory of the evidence that the EPP can currently use on candidate and completer performance, and other CAEP requirements 
  3. Participants will learn to gather information | Develop a way to categorize and prepare evidence to be uploaded, and draft tables to be completed 
  4. Participants will learn to take stock | Understand to meet with its stakeholders, including P-12 districts and candidates, to review and seek feedback on what was learned from steps 1–3

This workshop differs from conference sessions as follows:

  1. Only EPPs with an onsite visit scheduled through fall 2018 may attend
  2. The workshop is target to the needs of a very specific audience
  3. Opportunity to engage actively together with other EPPs preparing to write and submit the SSR, and to learn from each other
  4. A chance to think about how to develop a culture of continuous improvement, avoiding a do-this-for-CAEP approach

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify their understanding and receive feedback and advice on strengthening the evidence. Participants should come with questions and bring their self-study work-in-progress to get feedback on format, content, and presentation of evidence.