In accordance with the CAEP Bylaws, Article III, the Executive Committee shall:

  • Make decisions on behalf of the Board for administrative and time-critical matters that arise between board meetings;
  • Evaluate performance and set the compensation of the President;
  • Oversee CAEP’s and Affiliates’ financial operations;
  • Have an understanding of organizational charters, constitution, bylaws and policy; and
  • Make recommendations to CAEP committees on areas on concern and approve new Stakeholder Members.

In addition, the Committee shall:

  • Annually solicit recommendations from Members and present the Board a slate for all vacancies on the Nominating Committee;
  • Review proposed amendments to the CAEP bylaws and make recommendations to the board of directors;
  • Review guidelines for preparing annual budget at the beginning of each new fiscal year;
  • Submit a balanced budget to the board of directors for approval with a goal of fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which it will be presented;
  • Review the budget accountability process at the beginning of each new fiscal year;
  • Reaffirm or recommend auditing firm at the beginning of each new fiscal year;
  • Review investment guidelines at the beginning of each new fiscal year; and
  • Review monthly financial statements and report to the board at each meeting.

Executive Committee Slate

Staff Liaison
Tina Newell, Executive Assistant to the President