Transition Q&A

Please note that the transition is a dynamic process; any updated information will be communicated as it becomes available. If you have a question, please submit it to

We’re preparing our catalogs or other collateral materials…what language should we use regarding our accreditation status? Can we use the CAEP logo? (7/24/2013)

Per the U.S. Department of Education, accreditation remains with NCATE or TEAC until the educator preparation provider (EPP) comes up for its next accreditation under CAEP. Accordingly, EPPs should continue to use the appropriate logo and language related to their accreditation by NCATE or TEAC. As CAEP increasingly becomes the recognized name in accreditation of educator preparation, transitional language will be provided to continue to indicate NCATE or TEAC accreditation, while linking the former entities to CAEP as the new sole accreditor for educator preparation.

Now that the public comment period is complete, what is the expected timeline for adoption of the new CAEP standards? (4/23/2013)

April/May 2013 Analysis and Summary of Public Comment Developed
June 10-11, 2013 Final Meeting of the CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting
Summer 2013 Standards Presented to CAEP Board of Directors
Fall/Winter 2013 Standards and Supplemental Materials Developed
January 2014 Standards Released

What are the costs for CAEP? Are these paid in addition to NCATE and TEAC costs? (4/23/2013)

All annual fees and accreditation visit fees for educator preparation providers will be invoiced by CAEP for the fiscal year beginning July 2013 and beyond. Fees will no longer be paid to NCATE or TEAC. All educator preparation providers (accredited, candidacy, and pre-candidacy EPPs) will be invoiced based on the number of completers. For more specifics on annual fees, accreditation visit fees, and to download CAEP’s W-9, please visit the CAEP website.

With the Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting meeting this week, what is the expected timeline for adoption of the standards? (12/19/2012)

December 2012–January 2013 Refinement of Draft Standards/Preparation for Public Comment
February 15–
March 29, 2013
Public Comment Period
April 2013 Summary of Public Comment
May 2013 Final Commission Meeting
Summer 2013 Standards Presented to CAEP Board of Directors

What is the status of the transition to CAEP? (12/19/2012)
In its initial months of operation, CAEP will complete a few accreditation cases (conduct visits and complete reviews under CAEP policies), which will both help refine processes and provide the initial set of cases that will offer necessary evidence for CAEP’s applications for recognition by the U.S. Department of Education and by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). In the meantime, TEAC’s CHEA re-recognition was approved in April, and NCATE’s is in process. CAEP staff will continue to be in close contact with education preparation providers whose visits are planned through 2014, and you are more than welcome to contact us at any time as questions arise.

When will programs seeking accreditation be required to use the new CAEP standards? (12/6/2012)
After release of the revised CAEP Standards in 2013, there will be a transition period during which programs would be encouraged to use the new standards, but would continue to have the option to use NCATE or TEAC standards. CAEP standards will become the norm as early as spring 2016 (date of self-study submission).

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