At the beginning of the self-study template, the provider will be prompted to indicate which pathway it is using and the option it has selected for program review. This information will be used to ensure that the appropriate report shell is available.

The provider addresses the five CAEP Standards throughout the self-study, and describes the evidence that specifically addresses each component of the Standards and the CAEP cross-cutting themes of diversity and technology as described in Part III of the CAEP Accreditation Manual.  The structure for the CAEP Inquiry Brief is as follows:

Title Page and Table of Contents
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Claims and Rationale for Assessments
Section 3: Methodology
Section 4: Results
Section 5: Discussion and Plan
Section 6: References cited in the Brief
Appendix XX: Internal Audit Report
Appendix YY: Inventory of Evidence
Appendix ZZ: Assessment Instruments with a Table of Contents
Appendix B: Parity and Capacity
Appendix C: Faculty Qualifications
Appendix D: Program Requirements and Alignment with State and National Standards