At the beginning of self-study template, the provider will be prompted to indicate which accreditation pathway it is using and the program review process, either a CAEP review for national recognition or feedback, or the state's review. This information will be used to ensure that the appropriate report shell is made available when the provider contacts the CAEP AIMS system.

When a piece of evidence is uploaded, the provider is prompted to tag it to a standard(s) and component(s), claims, cross-cutting theme(s), and data quality documentation. By tagging it, the provider cross-references evidence that applies to more than one standard or component and makes it possible for CAEP Visitor Teams to retrieve the specific pieces of evidence used by the provider in making its case for each standard. Reviewers will be able to view all evidence with the same tag as one collection. For example, they may want to see evidence for a standard or cross-cutting theme. Evidence with a particular indicator of quality can also be viewed as a collection. When all the evidence has been uploaded and tagged, the provider will be prompted to provide the holistic summary statement of how the collection of evidence demonstrates that the standard is met.