The goal of program review with feedback is to provide states with feedback on specialty licensure areas aligned to CAEP and state standards based on disaggregated data presented in the EPPs self-study for Standard 1.  EPPs will address how the evidence aligned with the identified state standards and provided evidence for the meeting of the standards. Since disaggregated data by specialty licensure area is requirement for data submitted as evidence for CAEP Standard 1, CAEP reviewers use this data to provide feedback to states on the alignment of the evidence to state standards.  All data used by reviewers to provide feedback to the states are embedded in the self-study process for CAEP Standard 1.  Feedback sent to states through this option is also provided to the EPPs.  This is a feedback only option.

Self-studies will be state specific in relationship to Standard 1 for EPPs selecting this option.  Each EPP will identify the state in which it is located along with the program review option(s) selected for review.  As part of the self-study, CAEP will require EPPS to answer questions specific to how specialty licensure area data are used for continuous improvement.  In addition, states can contribute questions specific to state standards and continuous improvement linked to disaggregated specialty licensure data presented in the self-study.

For more information on the Program Review with Feedback option please refer to the CAEP Accreditation Handbook under The Self-Study Process.