Transforming Teacher Education through Clinical Practice: A National Strategy to Prepare Effective Teachers (Blue Ribbon Panel Report)
To prepare effective teachers for 21st century classrooms, teacher education must shift away from a norm which emphasizes academic preparation and course work loosely linked to school-based experiences. Rather, it must move to programs that are fully grounded in clinical practice and interwoven with academic content and professional courses. pdf Download (2MB)

Clinical Experiences in the Preparation of Candidates for Teaching Underserved Students
Developing a vision for competent professional teaching practice. pdf Download (124KB)

Recruitment and Selection in Educator Preparation
This paper explores differing perspectives, suggesting how they converge, and recommends inclusion of language in CAEP standards intended to bring greater rigor to accreditation while fostering innovation. pdf Download (524KB)

The Road Less Traveled: How the Developmental Sciences Can Prepare Educators to Improve Student Achievement
Recent reforms aimed at increasing student achievement have focused primarily on what can be termed basic academic skills. pdf Download (1MB)

Building an Evidence-Based System for Teacher Preparation
CAEP commissioned a report from Teacher Preparation Analytics (TPA) to help move forward the creation of a more evidence-based system of teacher preparation. pdf Download (1MB)