CAEP Assessment Rubrics
The array of categories contained in the Assessment Rubric is purposefully aligned with the CAEP Handbook description on the contents of submissions for the optional Early Instrument Evaluation. pdf Download (340KB)

Toward Convergence: CAEP’s Three Accreditation Pathways and the Future
A review of principal features of the three current (as of May 2016) “pathways” to accreditation offered to educator preparation providers (EPPs) by CAEP and to highlight the strengths and challenges associated with each. pdf Download (473KB)

CAEP Standards
CAEP Standards pdf Download (1MB)

When States Provide Limited Data: Guidance on Using Standard 4 to Drive Program Improvement
Standard 4 requires evidence of impact on P-12 learning but does not require statewide data for EPPs to meet the accreditation standard. While some states have determined that student impact data cannot be shared, other states provide aggregated data to EPPs specific to student impact. This guidance helps to clarify what to do if your educator preparation provider exists in a state that provides limited or no data relevant to Standard 4. pdf Download (270KB)

Evidence Option: The Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)
The Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) is an example of a state assessment that can be used as evidence for component 3.2. A recent Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA) study showed a strong and positive relationship between ACT (nationally normed) and OGET (state normed) tests. CAEP accepts the use of the state assessment as evidence for compliance with component 3.2. pdf Download (488KB)