Learning to Practice: The Design of Clinical Experience in Teacher Preparation
This policy brief is part of a series commissioned by the Partnership for Teacher Quality to help inform and improve teacher quality policies at the state, local, and national level. pdf Download (570KB)

Measuring the Cost Effectiveness of Rich Clinical Practice in Teacher Preparation: Part One, Understanding the Problem
Relatively little is known about both the costs and the effectiveness of greater reliance on rich clinical practice in teacher preparation. pdf Download (547KB)

Learning about Teaching: Initial Findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project
The goal of the Measures of Effective Teaching project is to help build fair and reliable systems for teacher observation and feedback to help teachers improve and administrators make better personnel decisions. pdf Download (3MB)

Preparing Teachers: Building Evidence for Sound Policy
The quality of teachers is increasingly recognized as critical to student learning. pdf Download (172KB)

Evaluation of Teacher Preparation Programs: Purposes, Methods, and Policy Options
Public concern for the effectiveness of teacher preparation programs has sparked renewed interest in the attributes of evaluation systems used to gauge their quality. pdf Download (2MB)

Gathering Feedback for Teaching: Combining High-Quality Observations with Student Surveys and Achievement Gains
This report is intended for policymakers and practitioners wanting to understand the implications of the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project’s interim analysis of classroom observations. pdf Download (5MB)

Outcomes, Measures, and Data Systems: A Paper Prepared for the CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting
This paper was commissioned by CAEP to describe the data and data systems needed to support accreditation policies that foster outcomes-based teacher preparation. pdf Download (379KB)

PARCC Releases More Sample Items
These sample items are designed to help teachers, students and parents get a better sense of how PARCC will measure student learning in mathematics and ELA/literacy. pdf Download (53KB)

Preparing Teachers and Developing School Leaders for the 21st Century: Lessons from around the World
Nations around the world are undertaking wide-ranging reforms to better prepare children for the higher educational demands of life and work in the 21st century. pdf Download (4MB)

Recent Trends and Practices in Accreditation: Implications for the Development of Standards for Council for the Accreditation of Education Programs (CAEP)
In the last two decades, we have seen a good deal of change in the environmental conditions surrounding higher education in the U.S., and with it accreditation. pdf Download (177KB)