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Completer Impact Leveraging Case Study Research to Address the Challenges of Standard 4 31418 2pm Sarah Anderson Brittany Hagen
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Addressing Standard 2 Professional Development School District 31518 945am Angie Gant Paige Tompkins
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Assuring Quality Integrity and Credibility CAEP Board of Directors
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Beyond Academic Ability Measuring Candidates Dispositions and Attributes at Admission 31418 430pm Sally Ingles Betsy VanDeusen Kristina Rouech
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CAEP Accreditation Putting it all Together 31518 945am Tatiana Rivadeneyra Malina Monaco
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Collecting Data from Program CompletersA Discussion of Challenges and Solutions 31418 2pm Stephen Meyer Emma Espel Jeanne Duncan Marcus Childress Al Olson
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