For Public Comment The 2018 CAEP Handbook InitialLicensure Level 31418 1015am Gary Railsback Lewis McIlwain
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Fostering a Culture of Assessment When the Word Accreditation has some Running for the Exits 31418 1015am Mary Yakimowski Colleen MacKinnon Michael Alfano
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Infusing Equity and Excellence across the CAEP Standards Meeting the standards and going beyond 31418 1130am Maria del Carmen Salazar Janet Mattern Kim Rotruck
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Keeping Track of CompletersA Case Study Approach 31418 2pm Marilyn Haller Martha Oldenburg Chuck Roberts
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Lessons Learned Refining the Standards Alignment of Data Reports within a Data Management System 31518 830am Marilyn Haller Martha Oldenburg Carolyn Spain
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Leveraging CAEPs CrossCutting Theme of Diversity to Accomplish Meaningful Goals for Your EPP and the Profession 31418 430pm Jennifer Carinci Lewis McIlwain
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Practical Strategies for Site Visit Preparation 31418 1130am Roberta RossFisher
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PreCon Orientation Advanced 31318 330 and 5pm Tatiana Rivadeneyra
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PreCon Orientation Novice 31318 2pm Tatiana Rivadeneyra
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PreCon Orientation Program Review 31318 615pm Banhi Bhattacharya Lewis McIlwain
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