Standards Recommendations to the CAEP Board of Directors

To the Public, States, Policymakers, and the Education Profession: The CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting has completed its work. It has developed a set of path-breaking standards and recommendations around accreditation processes for educator preparation providers, which the CAEP Board of Directors will consider later this summer. The Interim CAEP Board gave an explicit charge to the Commission: to transform the preparation of educators by creating a rigorous system of accreditation, one that demands excellence and produces educators who raise P-12 student achievement.  From its inception, the joint design team that recommended the creation of CAEP made clear its ambitions for the new organization: “to create a model unified accreditation system” that would “elevate educator preparation to the new level of excellence that the public and its policymakers expect.” The Commission’s recommendations are a visionary response to meeting these lofty aspirations. At the outset, the Commission was carefully selected to represent the varied constituencies that make up our diverse field, as well as the varied points of view regarding the future of educator preparation. This in itself was a substantial accomplishment. As a field, we are not used to sitting around a common table working together to reach a common solution for the common cause of providing our children with teachers and other educators who can help all P-12 students become successful, engaged learners in today’s economy. But the Commissioners did not just sit down together. Each and every one of them took their responsibilities with the greatest of seriousness. Each and every one of them was willing to put aside their personal beliefs, many of them long held and forcefully expressed, in favor of the common belief that joint action to pursue a good solution in the interest of our nation’s children is much better than inconsistent and often conflicting actions, or inaction, in an elusive search for the perfect solution.In an historic action, the field has come together to police itself.  I am pleased to report that the Commission arrived at unanimous agreement on the consensus recommendations to transform educator preparation. These recommendations would also revolutionize the field of accreditation itself by holding educator preparation providers appropriately accountable for the performance in practice of their graduates and other completers.I would like to thank the members of the Commission for their courage in charting a new course. By definition, there are risks in every bold venture, and the Commissioners did take some risk of their own by putting aside their personal differences in the interest of our nation and its children. Their tireless effort and dedication should serve as a model to inspire the children for whose benefit they worked.

The baton has now been passed to the CAEP Board of Directors. As we move forward on this transformational agenda for CAEP, I look forward to working with the full range of education stakeholders to ensure that all P-12 students are prepared to be successful, engaged learners in today’s global economy.


James G. Cibulka


In keeping with CAEP’s commitment to transparency, we are making available this report of the CAEP Commission to the CAEP Board of Directors. Please note that while these consensus recommendations represent the final report of the CAEP Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting, the new CAEP standards will not be final until board action. As noted in the report and promised in earlier communications, much work remains to be done around implementation rules and other guidance documents before any new standards go into effect. CAEP staff will be hard at work developing all the necessary supporting materials in order for the new standards to be ready for release in January 2014. Educator preparation providers and other stakeholders may send questions related to implementation to, and are encouraged to attend the 2013 Fall CAEP Conference September 19-21, 2013, in Arlington, Virginia, to learn more about the new standards.


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