Addressing Component 3.2: Guidance for CAEP’s Academic Achievement Criterion & Equivalence Studies

We are releasing important new information to implement features of CAEP’s Standard 3, Component 3.2, on academic achievement of candidates.

This includes two distinct papers to provide additional guidance and background on Standard 3. The first, CAEP Standard 3, Component 3.2 Measures of Academic Proficiency, provides contextual information about CAEP’s academic achievement criterion.  It contains a list of assessments that CAEP has approved for educator preparation providers (EPPs) to use as nationally normed or substantially equivalent evidence.   

The second document, Guidelines for Equivalence Studies for CAEP Standard 3, is written for sponsors of studies documenting that alternative assessments are substantially equivalent.  This document includes the protocol that CAEP’s consultants will use to review those studies.  The guidelines are designed to encourage a variety of academic assessment options for EPPs to use as evidence for the academic achievement criterion in Component 3.2, as intended by the Board of Directors’ revisions to that component, adopted in June 2016. 
The issues involved in determining both national norms and appropriate alternative tests are complex and technical.  We have drawn on the expertise of our consultant, independent psychometrician William Lorié to prepare these accreditation resources.  The Component 3.2 reference to “nationally normed” and “substantially equivalent” assessments requires identification of specific test scores. Dr. Lorié explains in these documents that decisions must be made, as well, to define the content or domain of a test (reading, mathematics, or writing), and to establish a reference population whose assessment performances can be compared with a nationally normed anchor measure. Dr. Lorié`s paper presents these issues in clear and accessible language for providers and faculty. 

These papers are a step forward toward implementing a key feature of a challenging CAEP Standard for EPPs. CAEP has closely studied, considered, and revised the academic achievement component.  The guidelines will carry out the Board’s intent with a special regard for fairness to candidates and EPPs.
Christopher A. Koch, CAEP President

Download CAEP Standard 3, Component 3.2 Measures of Academic Proficiency 
Download Guidelines for Equivalence Studies for CAEP Standard 3 

Status Update on CAEP Standard 3 (June 21, 2016): CAEP Board Clarifies, Refines CAEP Standard 3

Status update: 

At its June 9-10, 2016 biannual meeting, the CAEP Board of Directors adopted language to clarify and refine the academic achievement component of CAEP’s Standard on Candidate Quality. CAEP Component 3.2 – as amended – takes effect July 1, 2016 and will be used by EPPs seeking CAEP Accreditation for either initial or advanced programs, and submitting self-study reports in fall 2017.

Read Demonstrating Academic Achievement: CAEP Board Clarifies, Refines CAEP Standard 3 for more information.

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