Standard 4: Its language, suggested evidence, and questions to address

Goal of this webinar: To provide updated information on addressing Standard 4 and its components in the CAEP self-study report.

Objectives: Participants will be able to:

-Identify the key points of Standard 4 and its components,

-List the kinds of evidence that CAEP recommends for each of the components for Standard 4, and

-Describe how the standard and its components will be evaluated by CAEP reviewers.

-Outline when an Area for Improvement (AFI) or stipulation might be assigned.

Download the Slides: http://ow.ly/4n6U5K
Download the Handout: http://ow.ly/4n6UgY

Standard 4 FAQS

CAEP regularly receives questions from the field on CAEP Standard 4. We have compiled a list of actual frequently asked questions and provided answers for each one. The answers have been shaped by input from stakeholders and education professionals across the field.

Standard 4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This resource is intended to provide clarity. Should you have any further questions about Standard 4, please send them to Emerson Elliott, Director of Special Projects at CAEP.

When States Provide Limited Data: Using Standard 4 to Drive Program Improvement

CAEP is aware that Standard 4 represents a challenge for both states and Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs).  CAEP is committed to providing guidance to EPPs and states on approaches that can be taken for providing evidence for the meeting all four components of Standard 4.

This guidance outlines some options, as well as design concepts, for EPPs that have limited or no access to state data.  

Updates on Phasing in Evidence Gathering

At its meeting on October 27, 2015, the Accreditation Council voted in favor of three procedure changes and reaffirmed support for the existing phase-in plan. The Council supported these changes in the interest of easing challenges in gathering the evidence required to meet CAEP Standard 4:

  1. Build on the CAEP “phase-in plan,” already in place, for data that were not typically part of accreditation evidence prior to the 2013 CAEP Standards, 
  2. Provide operational guidance for the requirement that EPPs “meet all components” of Standard 4 for full accreditation by extending the timeline for quality evidence through 2018, 
  3. Systematically classify states by the Standard 4 component information they gather and share with EPPs so that all EPPs within the state will be reviewed by CAEP consistently, and
  4. Permit data that states share with EPPs to be deemed sufficient to meet a standard during the phase-in period.

For more details on the procedure changes, you can view the original proposals on the memorandum the Accreditation Council received.