About the CAEP Standards for Advanced-Level Programs

The CAEP Standards for Advanced-Level Programs exist to support educator preparation programs at the graduate level and beyond, whereas the CAEP Standards focus on initial teacher licensure. The CAEP Standards for Advanced-Level Programs mirror the same principles of rigor, evidence, and outcomes focus of the CAEP Standards

The CAEP Standards for Advanced-Level Programs and their components flow from two principles:

  1. Solid evidence that the provider’s graduates are competent and caring educators.
  2. There must be solid evidence that the provider has the capacity to create a culture of evidence and use it to maintain and enhance the quality of the professional programs they offer.

These standards define quality in terms of organizational performance and serve as the basis for accreditation reviews and judgments. While the CAEP Standards for Advanced-Level Preparation Programs parallel the CAEP Standards for Initial Programs, there are distinct differences in the evidence required.

  • Standard 1 focuses on candidate outcomes specific to advanced-level study.
  • Standard 2 allows for flexibility specific to clinical experiences that encompass the uniqueness and diversity found at the advanced level.
  • Standard 3 emphasizes the admission of qualified candidates who have demonstrated the proficiency for advanced-level study.
  • Standard 4 focuses on completer and employer satisfaction.
  • Standard 5 requests evidence on a quality assurance system specific to continuous improvement.



September 1, 2017: Self-study reports due before Sept. 1, 2017 do not need to include advanced-level programs. All self-study reports due after Sept. 1, 2017 do need to include them. (Note: Self-study reports are due eight (8) months prior to a site visit, so if your site visit date is in fall 2017, you do not need to include advanced-level programs.)

Semester EPP submits self-study report

Evidence required in self-study report

Spring 2016

Initial Programs Evidence

Fall 2016

*Guidelines for Advanced Programs released

Initial Programs Evidence

Spring 2017

Initial Programs Evidence

September 1, 2017 +

*If your self-study report is due after this date, advanced programs are included.

Initial Programs Evidence

Advanced Programs Evidence

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