Partnership agreements describe the goals of the partnership and the key responsibilities of signatory parties and educator preparation providers (EPPs). States specify the composition of the visitor team as well as the program review options programs within EPPs may use.

Program Review Options by State







Arizona Massachusetts Oregon


Michigan South Carolina



South Dakota




Idaho New Hampsire Washington
Indiana New Jersey West Virginia
Kansas North Carolina Wyoming
Kentucky North Dakota

CAEP state partnerships are responsive to the state’s needs and policies, and are designed to promote excellence and continuous improvement in educator preparation by combining the benefits of meeting national standards with those of maintaining state program approval. The agreements aim to align the work around state expectations and to ensure thorough reviews while saving both states and providers time and expense by eliminating duplication of effort. Depending on the specific parameters established in a given state’s agreement, evidence on candidate and program performance can be shared as well.

The state partnership agreement establishes a relationship to facilitate mutual sharing of valuable information, including models of assessment, distinctive clinical experiences, or model approaches for the recruitment and retention of students. Reports from the accreditation process that are stored in the CAEP database (AIMS) are all accessible to state education contacts; these records can be used as a back-up or substitute for the state’s storage systems. Ongoing communication is a priority in the partnerships.