Professional accreditation is the bedrock upon which professions such as architecture, engineering, medicine, and law have built their reputations. It assures that those entering the field have been suitably prepared to practice through assimilation of a body of knowledge and pre-service practice in the profession. When an educator preparation provider (EPP) is CAEP accredited, the public can be assured that the EPP has met national standards set by the education field at large and has undergone rigorous external and impartial review by professionals, policymakers, and representatives of the public. By establishing the accreditation process as a volunteer-based, expert-review process, education professionals who volunteer with CAEP have a direct impact in ensuring that EPPs prepare highly effective future P-12 educators.

More on the value of volunteering with CAEP

CAEP is currently seeking dedicated volunteers. View the volunteer position descriptions below to see the benefits, responsibilities and duties, scope of commitment, and other details:

The online volunteer application (OVA) is open from March 1– April 1, 2017. The application should take approximately thirty minutes to an hour to complete. You have the option to save your work at any time and return later to complete the application. Please direct questions to

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: OVA is a separate system from AIMS; therefore, you will need to create a new account in OVA if you are using it for the first time.