Value of Volunteering

Make a difference in education.

We believe good teachers and educators can be developed through high quality, effective preparation programs.

We believe every student should have high quality, effective educators helping them realize their potential.

Help us realize our potential – using educator prep accreditation to continuously improve and ensure preparation programs are producing the teachers our students need and deserve.

We cannot do this work without YOU.

In addition to making a meaningful contribution to P-12 learning, we believe volunteering with CAEP helps education professionals in their direct work.  Collaboration with stakeholders from different areas in education will broaden your perspective and strengthens the field as a whole.

P-12 Teacher Volunteers:  professionalize and lead your profession. Close the gap between preparation and practice. P-12 teacher volunteers are a vital voice in educator preparation accreditation.

Teacher Educator Volunteers:  lend your expertise to improving programs; learn ideas and perspectives from a variety of providers.

State Volunteers:  collaborate and affect the quality of the teachers you hire.  Deepen understanding of what quality means to inform your role in quality assurance.

Policymaker Volunteers:  the fiduciary responsibility of educating our citizens is a critical concern for constituents. Inform policy making by broadening your understanding.

Stakeholder Volunteers (parents, business leaders, community leaders):  influence a key factor in a child’s life, a community, and future employees and leaders – their teachers.