Q: Why did you decide to volunteer with CAEP?

A: The future of the teacher profession relies on high quality candidates being mentored and molded into highly qualified educators through engaging experiences prior to entering the field and throughout their career.  CAEP directly impacts the teaching profession through the teacher preparation program accreditation process using high quality standards. It is important to have a current classroom teacher's voice at the table to provide first-hand perspective, thus I wanted to participate in the process.  

Q: What has been the best part of your CAEP experience?  

A: Listening and learning from other board members, staff members, and committee members experiences and expertise.  I appreciate the different perspectives and interactions that each person brings to the table and that my voice is being listened to as a part of the conversations.  

Q: What has surprised you about your experience?  

A: I was surprised about the various types of educational organizations and the levels of educational leadership involved and interested in the EPP accreditation process.

Q: What would you tell someone who was thinking about volunteering at CAEP?  

A: Consider volunteering at CAEP because you will grow as an educator.  From learning about the standards and educator preparation programs to meeting and working with educators across the country, the experience will expand your understanding of education and how you individually impact the profession/community.

Q: What would you advise someone who was thinking about taking their EPP through the CAEP Accreditation process? 

A: The CAEP Accreditation process allows EPPs a framework to self-assess their programs and policies against high standards that focus on quality assurances and continuous improvement.