Employers within educator preparation who have vacancies may post job listings on the CAEP website.

Who Will the Advertisement Reach?

Thousands of educator preparation stakeholders — including education faculty, deans, administrators, students, and state policymakers — frequent the CAEP website. Listings are also included in CAEP’s opt-in e-newsletter, delivered directly to nearly 5,000 stakeholder inboxes.

How Do I Send the Advertisement?

The listings should be submitted via email to press@caepnet.org. Please include the text for the ad as an attachment. Please include your contact information for any questions CAEP may have and for billing purposes.

When Will the Advertisement Be Posted?

The advertisements will be posted within 1 to 7 working days upon receipt of the email. The ad will run for four consecutive weeks from the posting date. The ad will also be included in the monthly CAEP Connections email newsletter, which releases the first Thursday of each month. You will be invoiced upon posting of the ad.

What is the Cost?

$150 buys an ad equivalent to an 8 ½ x 11” page of 12-point type (a maximum of 500 words) for four consecutive weeks from date posted.

Take advantage of this beneficial service. Post your job vacancies with CAEP today by contacting:

Communications Department