As our nation comes together to celebrate and honor our dedicated, talented, and innovative teachers, we, a coalition of associations engaged in setting standards for educator preparation, reaffirm our commitment to the profession by supporting teacher preparation to ensure that educators are well prepared for the day-to-day challenges in K-12 schools.

While much of teaching happens in front of students and apart from peers, it is the coordination, collaboration, and lifelong learning between teachers and across schools that make the teaching profession such a critical component of a healthy society.

It takes a wide and deep web of support and collaboration to help the teaching profession nationwide to continuously grow and improve. Our professional membership organizations develop standards for the preparation of educators and approve education professional preparation programs in our respective subjects. When teachers and other education candidates begin their careers in the classroom, we serve them through in-person and virtual professional learning programs, networking opportunities, and print and digital content to advance their work. As early career educators become more seasoned veterans in their schools, we provide them with opportunities to give back to their colleagues through leadership, service, and professional advocacy.

Teacher appreciation begins with ensuring that every teacher is well prepared and well supported as they enter the classroom. Let’s use this week to commit to investing in our educator workforce by supporting teachers at every stage and level of their careers with the professional support and learning they need to be and stay successful in their classrooms and schools.

  1. Know which education professional preparation programs in your region are approved, or recognized, by professional associations like ours. An approved program is a mark of quality and means that its candidates meet high standards and have the resources needed to ensure success with students.
  2. Explore our standards for preparing teachers and other educators in our disciplines. Teachers and other educators served by our organizations are licensed professionals who meet rigorous standards to practice and hone their craft over a lifetime. They also work together to create and uphold professional standards that are ultimately approved and published by our associations.
  3. Ask what professional learning opportunities and resources are available to educators in your community. Just like all licensed professionals, teachers are lifelong learners—they depend on the support of their schools and communities to help keep them current in their practice and to best support student achievement. Our associations represent a major source of professional learning and growth, and there are many other providers who help educators achieve their goals and help them sustain high professional standards.

We know and see every day the powerful force for good that is the teaching profession. Thank you, teachers, for the privilege of being able to support your professional practice. We appreciate you this week and every week of the year.

Authored by:

American Association of School Librarians

American School Counselor Association

National Council for the Social Studies

National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA)

SHAPE America (Society for Health and Physical Educators)

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (