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Ohio Signs First State Agreement with New National Accrediting Body for Educator Preparation

(WASHINGTON) Ohio has become the first state to tailor an agreement with the new national accrediting body for educator preparation, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). The state partnership is designed to ensure that all providers of educator preparation in the State of Ohio are nationally accredited, offer state or nationally approved professional educator preparation programs, and are meeting state standards and performance criteria, as set forth in the applicable Ohio Administrative Code.

“This is important because all educator preparation programs will now have one national set of standards, which will provide the opportunity for increased excellence,” said Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro.

CAEP accreditation provides national and international leadership in assuring quality and driving improvement and innovation in educator preparation and development, with the ultimate goal of increasing the effectiveness of candidates and graduates as educators in P-12 schools.

These accreditation functions spring from a broad consensus across educator preparation stakeholders, data users, and policymaker communities, and are what set accreditation apart from simple ranking systems. Through CAEP accreditation, expectations for evidence will be clear, providers will know what is expected and the basis for judgment, and results will be shared. The bottom line is improved preparation programs.

This first agreement is a significant milestone, and truly serves as an example for future agreements," said CAEP President James G. Cibulka. "The Ohio agreement ensures maximum flexibility, while streamlining the state and national review processes."

As CAEP moves to become fully operational in 2013, it is working with Kan., Mich., Mo., Ore., and Utah in addition to Ohio to develop the first set of agreements.


The Ohio Board of Regents is the state agency that coordinates higher education in Ohio. The agency is directed by its Chancellor, who is a member of the Governor of Ohio's cabinet. The Chancellor, with the advice of the nine-member Board of Regents, provides policy guidance to the Governor and the Ohio General Assembly, advocates for the University System of Ohio and carries out state higher education policy.

The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation ( ensures the preparation of highly qualified educators through the accreditation of programs in which data drive decisions; resources and practices support candidate learning; and candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to raise P-12 student achievement.