April 14, 2015

The Steering Committee for the Revision of the Elementary Education Teacher Preparation Standards met in January to begin their work. The committee is currently working on an initial draft of the standards and will meet in July to finalize a first draft. In the fall 2015, this initial draft of the Elementary Standards will be sent out for public comment. The public comment period will end in December 2015.

The Steering Committee will meet in January 2016 to revise the standards based on the feedback from the public comment period. In the spring 2016 the revised standards will be sent out for public comment and a focus review for a second time. The revised standards for the elementary level will be submitted to the State Partnership and Content Areas Committee for their review and approval in August 2016.

The Steering Committee for the Revision of the Elementary Education Teacher Preparation Standards will adhere to the specialized professional association (SPA) guidelines of no more than seven standards and 28 elements. EPPs submitting for SPA approval through fall 2016 will continue to use the current ACEI Standards.

Beginning in fall 2017, EPPs can select to either submit using the ACEI Standards or the revised Elementary Standards. This option will be available to all EPPs submitting in fall 2017. All EPPs will submit to the revised elementary standards by fall 2018. For EPPs submitting during the transition period (2017-2019), the SPA will make allowances for the submission of data (one cycle of data will be required).

If you have any specific questions, contact Banhi Bhattacharya.

Taskforce Members

Eric Anderman Ohio State University
Bill Badders National Science Teachers Association
Diane Barone International Literacy Association
Ava Belisle-Chatterjee Columbia College
Kim Boyd Oral Roberts University
Francis “Skip” Fennell McDaniel College
Andrew Demko 7-8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Rainier JR/SR High School, Oregon
Karen Giesler Gifted Education NBCT, Rockwood School District, Missouri
Mark Ginsberg George Mason University
John Guthrie University of Maryland
John Johnston University of Memphis
Leah Lembo New York State United Teachers (AFT & NEA affiliate)
Donna Mahar SUNY Empire State College
James McLeskey University of Florida
Kathleen Paliokas Public Member, InTASC Expert
Vivian Vasquez American University