Kathe Rasch

Q: Why did you decide to volunteer with CAEP?  

A: Initially, I decided to volunteer for CAEP because I wanted to understand how different institutions designed and implemented quality educator preparation programs.   I also believed that my service as a volunteer was a professional obligation.  Over my time as a site visitor, I came to appreciate the excellent work of my peers and the ways in which the standards helped programs strive for excellence.

Q: Why did you choose to become a member of the SPA Committee?  

A: I was in the process of helping NCTM revise and redesign their SPA standards.   Having overseen the preparation of all SPA reports at one of my institutions, I knew that the oversight process to try to ensure consistency in the SPA process was very important.

Q: What has been the best part of your CAEP experience?  

A: My work with my peers at institutions and on committees. The level of professionalism is very high and the commitment to high quality educator preparation is taken seriously by all.

Q: What has surprised you about your experience?    

A: It amazes me what I continue to learn.  Currently, the challenges and solutions that have been found creatively throughout Covid have made a process continue to work even in extremely unusual circumstances.