CAEP bylaws require a review of the CAEP Standards every seven years. The CAEP Research Committee was charged in 2018 with updating the research related to the CAEP Standards. The CAEP Board of Directors created a task force in June 2020, which spent months reviewing data and reports from the CAEP Research Committee and the CAEP Equity and Diversity Committee. The task force also reviewed US Department of Education (USDOE) and CHEA guidelines, more than 300 CAEP accreditation decisions, as well as feedback from stakeholders. It was composed of 21 representatives from the field of education, including P-12, higher education, state education departments and non-profit education organizations. The task force focused on reviewing the 2013 standards, specifically seeking to consolidate, clarify and streamline the standards.

In most cases the changes include the consolidation, clarification, and the removal of extraneous language. In addition, specific standards for technology have been added, given the increase in online learning. Equity and diversity measures have been specifically included in components of the standards to ensure proper attention is given and each provider must demonstrate progress toward recruiting and graduating a candidate pool that reflects the diversity of America’s P-12 students, as well as increased flexibility in documenting candidates academic knowledge and their impact on student learning and development.

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