CAEP, with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), has created three free modules to improve communications between families and teachers and to encourage future teachers to engage families as integral partners in students’ education. The course is designed around three modules:

  • the importance of family engagement; 
  • making an initial contact with a parent through a phone call home, including making a live phone call to a “practice parent”; and 
  • conducting an initial parent-teacher conference.

CAEP began working in 2015 with educator preparation providers (EPPs) to develop and test strategies to better prepare candidates to involve families. Based on the success of the pilot, the CAEP Family Engagement Mini Course is now available to provide all EPPs with research- and candidate-vetted content about family engagement. 

Faculty Survey

The CAEP Family Engagement Mini Course is provided free of charge. CAEP only asks that faculty first fill out this 60-second survey each time faculty assigns the course.

Faculty Handbook: CAEP Family Engagement Mini Course

Download the faculty handbook for the CAEP Family Engagement Mini Course, a comprehensive manual that walks you through implementing the course. The handbook also includes classroom activities and resources to supplement the modules.

Also check out our faculty tips handout for common areas of candidate strengths and weaknesses to monitor, based on our pilot experiences, in relation to the 7 Elements of Effective Parent Teacher Communication.

Practice Parent Phone Call Training

The practice parent module includes a live simulation activity in which students call a practice parent.  This step-by-step training enables you to easily and effectively prepare practice parents.

Want to Learn More?

Listen to a recorded webinar that walks through the benefits of family engagement and how the CAEP Family Engagement Mini Course can help you better prepare your candidates to engage with families.