Program Review Overview

All educator preparation providers (EPPs) seeking CAEP Accreditation undergo the program review process. . Program reviews can provide valuable information about the progress of candidates’ preparation experiences as well as candidate knowledge and professional skills in a specific area of licensure or certification. They can also provide a head start for writing the accreditation self-study report (SSR). The process requires accumulating the evidence that can be used as a resource in building a case for Standard 1--content and pedagogical knowledge and candidates’ ability to apply it.

Program review requirements are specified by the state. The current list of state and CAEP agreements that detail these requirements is available here

States may choose from the following three options:

* SPA Program Review with National Recognition | Individual programs at the EPP – such as mathematics, educational technology, early-childhood education, and more – will meet content-specific standards developed by national Specialized Professional Associations. (SPAs).

* CAEP Program review with Feedback | EPPs will build a case for CAEP Standard 1 and provide evidence of candidate’s content and pedagogical knowledge disaggregated by licensure programs that are key in the field of licensure, certification, or endorsement.

* State Program Review | EPPs will work with their state authority (typically a standards board, board of regents, or State Department of Education) to build programs that align with the state’s education priorities.

CAEP Program Review Options

SPA Program Review Policies and Procedures

CAEP Program Review with Feedback

State Program Review


Program report forms completed for each content area and level describing evidence of candidate’s performance on a set of key assessments that demonstrates meeting standards.

CAEP has decided to discontinue the early review requirement piloted for EPPs selecting the Review with Feedback option. All EPPs will now need to submit complete evidence for CAEP Standard 1 (along with Standards 2-5) as part of the self-study report, which is due nine months before the site visit. Site visitors’ input on the evidence will be communicated to EPPs through the Formative Feedback Report.

State-defined process


Specialized Professional Association (SPA) Standards

State-selected timing

Timing of Submission

Mid-cycle of the overall accreditation cycle (3 years in advance of the accreditation visit for most states)

Review teams are chosen by the EPP’s state.

Review Team

Review teams are trained and selected by the SPAs or CAEP.

State decision regarding program approval. The process and results vary by state, so make sure to ask your state contact about the process.


Recognition Report with a decision of “Nationally Recognized”, “Recognized”, or “Further Development Required/Recognized with Probation/Not Nationally Recognized”

Additional Information

This is the only program review option that can lead to national recognition by CAEP/SPAs