CAEP’s mission is to advance equity and excellence in educator preparation through evidence-based accreditation that assures quality and supports continuous improvement to strengthen P-12 learning.

The rigorous CAEP Standards define an accreditation process that is radically – and intentionally – different from previous generations of educator preparation accreditors. The CAEP Standards call on educator preparation providers (EPPs) to imagine what success looks like in their local context, to create a culture of continuous improvement at the faculty level, and to define how they will link valid, reliable evidence to demonstrate this achievement.

CAEP Voices is a project that captures what this looks like – and what it means – from the educator preparation professionals leading the work. Hear from deans, assessment coordinators, knowledge managers, and others on how they made the CAEP Standards work for their EPPs.

Campbell University (NC)

Accredited: April 2017

Indiana University Kokomo

Accredited: April 2017

Miami University (OH)

Accredited: October 2016

Montana State University-Bozeman

Accredited: May 2016

North Carolina State University

Accredited: October 2015

The University of Dayton (OH)

Accredited: April 2017

Read CAEP’s interview with Dr. Kevin Kelly, Dr. Connie Bowman, Dr. Shauna Adams, Dr. Rochonda Nenonene, Lisa Warren, Dr. Pam Young, and Amy Jennings

University of Houston (TX)

Accredited: October 2016

University of Louisville (KY)

Accredited: April 2017

Read CAEP’s interview with Dr. Ann Larson & Dr. Amy Lingo