A transcript analysis process may be used as Assessment #2 for Initial Licensure/Post-Baccalaureate programs or for documentation for grades for other programs. The provider needs to provide sufficient information so that reviewers can determine if the course work is aligned with the discipline-specific standards. However, the requirements for documentation cannot be too burdensome or require documentation that cannot be provided.

Documentation Requirements:

1.       Describe the transcript analysis process including when it occurs, who does the analysis, etc.

2.       Describe any policies used by the program in evaluating the transcript including the following:

  • Currency of preparation: Is there a limit to when course work must have been completed?
  • Other related degrees: How are degrees in related fields addressed?
  • Minimum grade requirements: What earned grade (e.g., C or better) is required for the program?
  • Alignment clarification: What process is used for making decisions if course titles are not clearly aligned with the standards?

3.       Describe the process used to ensure that candidates who do not meet the requirements are required to remediate deficiencies.

4.       Provide the form used to complete the transcript analysis. If not clear, provide a separate matrix that delineates the alignment between the transcript analysis form and the discipline specific content standards.

5.      Provide data on the number of candidates for whom a transcript analysis was done, how many candidates required remediation in each discipline, and number of candidates, if any, who received waivers from the process.